“I’m not sure I understand how alignment works here, but in Star Wars the Old Republic you choose to do good or bad things for extra skills and gear, one had to be either extremely good or extremely bad. While the 99% in the middle got nothing. In effect, one made moral choices not based on principles or identity but on gameplay consequences, which is a real immersion breaker.”


I had this conversation earlier in IRC I think it was Deffcon that raised this question, he might have read this actually from this thread. But I agree with you completely, that having skills or items that are constrained based on your affinity limits your choices as a player, especially if requires you to be on one extreme or another. The reality is, very few people are very good or very bad. Most people are somewhere in the middle, it’s the really extreme ones that get noticed the most, but that shouldn’t limit or give them more play options.

Skills are not affinity based, gear is not affinity based and talents, if you have one, are not affinity based. What we will do though is that we will perhaps adjust the talents that you have, based on your affinity. So similar to the convo I was having with Deffcon earlier, there is lay on hands. So you might have lay on hands talent which gives you the ability by touch so to speak, I’m just using this as an example it isn’t a concession that such a talent exists, but there is an ability to lay on hands to heal. If you’re dark aligned character, your affinity is more aligned to the dark side then you don’t have lay on hands to heal. That talent actually is a wound instead. So you have an offensive ability, you can actually injure people by laying hands on them instead. Same talent, but how it impacts characters in the world depends on how their affinity is. But that’s not about extremes. If you’re just a little bit on the dark side then it would give you the wounding ability, if you’re a little bit on the light side it would give you the healing ability.

It doesn’t really how light or dark you are in order to make that happen, the one exception to that I will make is there might be certain hidden features in the game that require either extremely light or extremely dark affinity. But those aren’t things we expect to be there for the majority of people, it’s kinda the extreme exceptions. Rumour has it that there is the possibility of becoming a lich and getting some form of immortality. At least temporary immortality, and I can tell you that is not something of the light affinity can do.