“Could you hold somebody down against their will? Through grappling or tying them up for ransom?”


No… so there’s been a lot of questions about this, so you have a bounty token. The bounty token, allows you to incapacitate somebody and then bind them for the purpose of taking them back towards a jail house or court-house, that sort of thing. The system is not designed to allow you to bind somebody indefinitely and to kind of wander them off into the desert and leave them there and that sort of thing.

There is actually a time limit on the amount of time you can bind somebody and then it sets them free. So if you were to take somebody, bind them and work on taking them back into town, at some point they might actually get free through their efforts, or at the very least we’re looking at making it so that you have to be making progress towards an objective.

So if you’re wanting to bring someone back towards a court-house, if you bind them then just kind of leave them there, after a little while then the bindings will just fall off. So long as you are making progress towards returning that bounty, then the binds will hold.