If you’re in the service of the king and you do commit some sort of barbaric, you’re taking more money then you should, since they are the law kind of, they are charged by the king to collect select said money, would it be possible to obtain bounty tokens against them?


It would if they actually broke the law, but the way the system works now is that they are told” this is the amount of money that’s due go and collect it”. They actually have a bounty token already as being a tax collector that lets them go and gather from you and so you can either trade with from them and give them whatever’s owed or you can refuse in which case because of the bounty token they are allowed to collect that off of you on your own personal expense. However, that doesn’t give them the ability to take more than what was initially owed to them. So if they for some reason would want to take off the person more than what was owed to them than they are actually breaking a law, they are committing a crime so at that point you can actually get a bounty token on them. And that one of the reason we have the sheriff a separate legal entity from the count or the dukes is because the sheriff has the ability to arrest or do thing against the local lords