Is their in-game voice chat to make it… well more realistic?


Not currently, we’ve got an option… we’re looking at potentially working with Discord in order to add integrated voice services so people can do chat in the game, but we don’t want that to be a first party feature to the game. Primarily because we definitely differentiate between characters and players. For people who are familiar with the disguise mechanic. It’s entirely possible to join a guild, having been there a short time, putting on a disguise and coming back to the guild and pretending to be somebody else and get another invitation.

So long as you don’t go back and forth in the disguises too much you can actually maintain dual identities in the same guild, or in multiple organisation. What we don’t want then is for people to be able to discover these are actually the same person by listening to their voice. So several of the mechanics are actually defeated by hearing their voice. So while we might want to add that for people who want to leverage it and talk with live chat, we also know there’s utilities out there, TeamSpeak/discord/skype and others that really do a good job already.